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wind energy moratorium

March 12, 2017

Senator Brewer has introduced Bill LB504 to place a two year moratorium on wind energy in the Sandhills and to implement a task force to study the impact of wind energy in the Sandhills.  The hearing took place in Lincoln at the State Capitol on March 1, 2017 at 9:15 am.    The bill has stalled in Committee and needs everyone's attention.  The Constituents of Nebraska deserve an up or down vote.

Please contact the Senators listed and/or the Senator that represents your district, if you reside in Nebraska, via phone calls and email.  Time is of the essence.  Also include a copy of your correspondence to Senator Tom Brewer.

Senator Tom Brewer   tbrewer@leg.ne.gov

Natural Resources Committee of the Nebraska Legislature-  

Senator Dan Hughes (Chair)

402-471-2805     dhughes@leg.ne.gov

Senator Joni Albrecht   *

402-471-2716     jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov

Senator Bruce Bostelman*

402-471-2719     bbostelman@leg.ne.gov

Senator Suzanne Geist*

402-471-2731     sgeist@leg.ne.gov

Senator Rick Kolowski

402-471-2327     rkolowski@leg.ne.gov

Senator John McCollister

402-471-2622     jmccollister@leg.ne.gov

Senator Dan Quick*

402-471-2617    dquick@leg.ne.gov

Senator Lynne Walz*

402-471-2625     lwalz@leg.ne.gov


environmental impact study

march 1, 2017

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be releasing the Draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the R-Project.  The tentative release date is scheduled for March 2017.  As soon as it is available, we will be posting a link for your personal review.  Keep in mind that the purpose of the R-Project is to gain access to proposed wind farms in the Sandhills.  Keep informed!


community get together

March 1, 2017

Do you have an idea for the next Community Soup Supper or Get Together to Preserve the Sandhills?  Let us know your ideas!



Cherry County Commissioners


Keep up on regular meetings and happenings for our area.  You will find meeting agendas and meeting minutes here as well as contact information for the Cherry County Commissioners.  Their usual meeting date is the 2nd and last Tuesday of each month.  Be an active part of your community and attend these meetings to be aware of the happenings in your community.

http://www.co.cherry.ne.us/webpages/board/ board_members.html


Cherry county planning and zoning board


Be informed about the Comprehensive Plan, Permit Applications, Zoning Regulations, meeting agendas and minutes that affect your community.  

http://www.co.cherry.ne.us/webpages/ planning_zoning/planning_zoning.html

Please also keep in mind surrounding counties: Blaine, Grant, Hooker, Thomas, Logan.  These can be found online or CONTACT US and we will gladly forward the information to you!


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