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Public Input Needed

There is a deadline quickly approaching!  U.S. Fish and Wildlife is currently taking public comments on historical and cultural assets in the State of Nebraska.  These include the Birdwood Creek area, the areas of the Mormon Trail and Oregon Trail and all other areas that may be disturbed by NPPD’s proposed R-Project massive transmission line.  Email your letters to Eliza Hines at eliza_hines@fws.gov and Bob Harms at robert_harms@fws.gov. If you would rather mail or fax your letter, send it to: U. S. Fish and Wildlife, 9325 B South Alda Road, Wood River, Nebraska 68883, (308)382-6468, Fax (308)384-8835. Responses must be received by August 15, 2018.

Please also state that the comment period should be extended.  Important issues such as our history and endangered species should not be handled in a swift manner.  All proper data should be analyzed to the fullest extent.  One good example is the availability of current whooping crane telemetry data.  This data uses GPS locating and not just personal sightings and historical locations.  The telemetry data clearly shows that the data NPPD utilized does NOT address the whooping crane patterns and migratory route to the extreme of protecting an endangered species.  NPPD says they have Nebraskans in their best interest and frankly they haven’t put their money where their mouth is!  Demand that Nebraskan’s best interest comes first, not NPPD shoving dollars in their pockets OR the Southwest Power Pool’s pockets!! 

In addition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is taking public comments on eagle kills by wind turbines.  Many in the Sandhills see this beautiful species on a regular basis due to the locations of our scenic rivers.  Let’s be heard.  This not only affects us, but it also affects others that are fighting just as we are. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) uses a collision risk model (CRM) to predict the number of golden and bald eagles that may be killed at new wind facilities. The model incorporates existing information on eagle exposure and collision probability in the form of prior distributions (priors). The Service has undertaken an analysis to update the priors using all available data that meet specific criteria for both species of eagle. This notice announces the availability of a summary report of that analysis, which generates new exposure and collision priors for both species of eagle. We are soliciting public comments on the summary report, which will be considered by the Service before using the new priors in the CRM.

To ensure consideration of written comments, they must be submitted on or before August 20, 2018.

You may submit written comments by one of the following methods:

Electronically: Go to the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov. Search for FWS-HQ-MB-2017-xxxx, which is the docket number for this notice, and follow the directions for submitting comments.Start Printed Page 28859

By hard copy: Submit by U.S. mail or hand-delivery to Public Comments Processing, Attn: FWS-HQ-MB-2017-0092; Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; MS: BPHC; 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041-3803.


Thomas County Fair and

cherry county fair

Come and check us out and show your support!  We will also have a booth at the Cherry County Fair on August 10-11 at the Fairgrounds located in Valentine, NE.  We would love to see you!


community fundraising

In an effort to raise money to support our cause, Otto Buechle ( also known as Mike) of Valentine, Nebraska, has donated, at manufacturer cost, a bronze statue, as shown above, called "NOT IN OUR SANDHILLS" by the Artist, Art Meyers. This one of a kind bronze stands 19" tall and weighs 29 lbs. and is valued at $3,600.

For every $100 donated, your name will go into a drawing, and once sufficient monies are raised, we will have a live drawing announcing the lucky winner. All donors, large and small, will get their name on a plaque on this iconic bronze.

While we know you would willingly give without this potential gift, we feel this iconic piece of art represents the fight we have on our hands to prevent wind turbines and the R line from invading and taking over the Sandhills.

In addition, all of those who donate, will receive a coin medallion that signifies that you helped Save and Preserve the Sandhills.



Cherry County Commissioners


Keep up on regular meetings and happenings for our area.  You will find meeting agendas and meeting minutes here as well as contact information for the Cherry County Commissioners.  Their usual meeting date is the 2nd and last Tuesday of each month.  Be an active part of your community and attend these meetings to be aware of the happenings in your community.

http://www.co.cherry.ne.us/webpages/board/ board_members.html


Cherry county planning and zoning board


Be informed about the Comprehensive Plan, Permit Applications, Zoning Regulations, meeting agendas and minutes that affect your community.  

http://www.co.cherry.ne.us/webpages/ planning_zoning/planning_zoning.html

Please also keep in mind surrounding counties: Blaine, Grant, Hooker, Thomas, Logan.  These can be found online or CONTACT US and we will gladly forward the information to you!


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